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1-1-2019 - New server

After a period with instability, an anylyze showed that our mainboard was ready for retirement.

We decided to go for a complete upgrade, and the result is a much faster, and hopefully more reliable, server.

In addition to upgraded hardware, we also upgraded the software to the latest versions. This includes a new RAID-controller, and new SQL- and Web-servers.

1. Adaptions


Are you struggling with a software solution which is poorly adapted to your present or future needs?

  • - Important functions are missing
  • - Everyday functions are well hidden
  • - Many functions are rarely or never used
  • - Screen full of irrelevant information
  • - incomplete reports
  • - Confusing or messy reports
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2. Custom solutions


We have extensive experience in making tailor made soultions which fulfills your need and wishes.

  • Automatic execution of
  • - download of data from Internet
  • - download of data to Internet
  • - filling in forms
  • We also realize 
  • - electronic catalogues
  • - your secret dream?
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3. Consultation


As a neutral part we help our customers to get get the best possible result in the shortest possible time and to the best price.

Our customers' needs are important to us. We achieve this by

  • - thoroughly analyze the actual need
  • - compare the need against alrady available solutions
  • - write complete specifications for the requirements
  • - negotiate optimal solutions
  • - follow up that the end result works in accordance to the specifications
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