How to: Search For Code References

You can search for specific code references and text in your projects and folders in Visual FoxPro.

To search for a code reference

  1. If you are searching a project, open the project or projects that you want to search.

  2. On the Tools menu, select Code References.

    If you did not perform a previous search in the project, the Look Up Reference dialog box appears. Otherwise, the Code References window appears and displays the previous search results.

  3. In the Look for box of the Look Up Reference dialog box, type the code or text you want to search for.

  4. Choose one of the following:

    • To search projects, make sure the Scope box is set to Entire project and the name of the project you want to search. To select a different open project, click the Scope arrow to display a list of open projects.


      To restrict your search to the project home directory and subfolders, select the Limit search to project home directory and subfolders check box.

    • To search a folder, make sure the Scope box is set to Folder and that the Look in box is set to the folder you want to search.


      To expand your search to the folder's subfolders, select the Search subfolders check box.

  5. Choose any of the following options:

    • To specify file types other than the default types in your search, click the File Types arrow to display a list of file types.

    • To specify additional options for your search, select settings from the Options group or click the Options button to open the Options dialog box.

  6. Click Search to begin the search.

For more information, see Look Up Reference Dialog Box and Look Up Reference Dialog Box, Options Dialog Box.

If the search is successful, the Code References window displays the search string as a node in the search pane and any results from your search in the results pane. You can view all the results by selecting the code reference node in the search pane, or you can filter your results for each file by selecting a file name in the search pane. You can open the file and go to a code reference directly by double-clicking a result in the results pane. For more information, see Code References Window.

After locating the code or text you want, you can replace it. For more information, see How to: Replace Code References. You can also view code definitions. For more information, see How to: View Code Definitions.

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