Project Manager Hooks

In Visual FoxPro, you can access a project programmatically and manipulate a project as an object. You can manipulate a project while the project is open in the Project Manager at design time or while the Project Manager is not visible at design time and run time.


To open or modify a project so you can manipulate it programmatically without displaying the Project Manager, use the NOSHOW clause in the CREATE PROJECT and MODIFY PROJECT commands. You can use the project's Visible property to display the Project Manager later. For more information, see CREATE PROJECT Command and MODIFY PROJECT Command.

The following lists describes some of the actions you can perform programmatically with a project:

  • Open and modify files in the project.

  • Add or delete files from a project.

  • Determine the number of files in a project and their types.

  • Change properties of the project.

  • Change properties of files in the project.

  • Change properties of Automation servers, which are dynamic-link library (.dll) files or executable (.exe) built from the project.

  • Execute code when events occur in the project.

  • Rebuild the project or build .app, .exe, or .dll files from the project.

  • Add files in the project to source code control applications, such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, and check files in and out of source code control.


    If you add a project to Visual SourceSafe, all files contained in the project must be in the project directory or path for proper mapping to the project.

As an advanced developer, you can also create customized project managers.

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