Configuring an Application

You need to configure your Visual FoxPro application properly so that it performs according to the specifications set during application planning. Typically, you might create an application object to perform these tasks. You can also use a main file to handle these tasks.

In This Section

How to: Set the Starting Point

Explains how to designate a file as the main file and starting point of your application.

Main Files in Applications

Introduces using main files in applications.

How to: Initialize the Environment

Describes how to configure the application environment.

How to: Control the Event Loop

Describes how to start and stop the event loop for an application.

How to: Customize the Appearance of Applications

Describes how you can change the appearance of your application, for example, the application icon or title, without changing code.

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Creating Applications

Explains concepts about how to develop Visual FoxPro applications, instructions for creating databases and the user interface, and other tasks needed for Visual FoxPro applications.

Application Architecture

Describes how Visual FoxPro application architecture varies with the type of application you decide to create.

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