Working with Data in Reports

When you create reports or labels, you can specify the data to include in the report or label and control the environment in which the report accesses the data.

In This Section

Controlling Data in Reports

Discusses providing data for reports and labels, controlling selected records, and sorting and ordering those records.

How to: Specify a Report's Data Session

Explains how to set a private data session for a report.

How to: Load Data Environments for Reports

Describes how to use a DataEnvironment class definition you created for use with forms, or the data environment records saved with another report or label, to provide data for a report.

How to: Save Report Data Environments as Classes

Describes how to save the data environment definition you created for a report or label as a visual class, so you can re-use this definition for other reports in other areas of your application, such as form design.

Working with Related Tables using Multiple Detail Bands in Reports

Discusses different ways you can display data from different tables and how the report engine handles multiple tables at run time.

Related Sections

How to: Use Data Sessions

Provides information about using private and shared data sessions in an application.

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