Report Layout and Design

When you create a report or label, you can customize the appearance of the report or label by making the following changes to the page layout in the Report Designer or Label Designer:

  • Change settings and properties for page.

  • Arrange data and information by specifying where and when they appear using report bands.

  • Group records using data groups.

Many of the topics in this section apply to organizing data in labels as well as reports.

In This Section

Working with Page Layouts

Introduces how to specify a range of settings for a page layout.

Working with Report Bands

Introduces how to specify where, when, and how to display data and information in reports.

Working with Report Data Groups

Introduces how to use data groups to group records in reports.

Working with Report Controls

Introduces how to add data and information to reports using controls.

Working with Report Variables

Describes how to use report variables to store, manipulate, and display calculated values.

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