Working with Report Bands

You can specify where, when, and how data and information display in reports and labels, by adding items that control their appearance and that perform user-defined operations to report bands.

In This Section

Report Bands

Describes and compares different types of report bands.

How to: Add Bands to Reports

Explains how to add report bands to a report layout.

How to: Change Report Band Height

Describes how to change report band height in a report layout.

How to: Change Detail Band Order

Describes how to use the Report Builder to change the order of multiple detail bands in a report layout.

How to: Specify Target Aliases for Detail Bands

Describes how to vary the order of records processed in a report run by specifying target aliases for one or more detail bands.

How to: Specify Expressions to Evaluate When Processing Bands

Explains how to create expressions that fire before and after the Report Engine processes a band during a report run.

How to: Add Comments to Report Bands

Describes how to add comments to indicate your design goals and other notes relevant to your use of a specific band in the report layout.

How to: Add User Data to Report Bands

Describes how to add user-defined data to the attributes stored in a report layout relevant to a specific band.

How to: Configure Output for Report Bands

Explains how to adjust report bands to account for lengthy or missing data, and how to configure optional bands.

How to: Delete Bands from Reports

Explains how to remove optional bands from a report layout.


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