How to: Change Report Band Height

You can change the height of report bands in the report or label page layout. For information about adjusting the report band height when generating output for reports, see How to: Configure Output for Report Bands.

To change the height of a report band

  1. Open the report or label in the appropriate designer.

  2. On the Report menu, click Edit Bands.

    The Edit Bands dialog box opens.

  3. In the Edit Bands dialog box, select the band you want, and click OK.

    The properties dialog box for the report band opens.


    You can also double-click the band separator in the Report Designer or Label Designer to open the report band properties dialog box.


    If the _REPORTBUILDER system variable is not set to the default Report Builder or is set to a third-party builder, the report band dialog box displays or a different dialog box might display. For more information, see _REPORTBUILDER System Variable and Report Band Properties Dialog Box.

  4. In the report band properties dialog box, click the General tab if it is not selected.

  5. In the Height box, type or select the height you want.

  6. Check the Constant band height checkbox if you want the band to have this height every time it appears. If you want the band to stretch when its contents need more room, uncheck this checkbox. All bands share this feature, although some bands can stretch only on a single page while others can span multiple pages if their contents require more space. Refer to Report Bands for more information.

  7. When you are finished, click OK.

For more information, see General Tab, Report Band Properties Dialog Box (Report Builder).


You can also change the height of the report band by dragging the band separator to the height you want.


When a report band contains objects, you cannot drag the band separator past the lowest object in the band. However, you can reduce the height of the report band in the Height box of the General tab regardless of the height of the objects in the band. Any objects that no longer fit in the report band might appear partially or entirely in the report band below it. Make sure to reposition report band objects so they appear in the location you want.

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