Creating International Applications

This section describes how to create applications that are compatible and effective in international markets.

In This Section

How to: Enter International Data

Discusses understanding how to enter data for international applications.

How to: Set Date, Time, and Currency Formats

Describes the various methods for localizing date, time, and currency formats.

Code Pages in Visual FoxPro

Explains how data stored in Visual FoxPro often is tagged with a code page, which is a table of characters and corresponding numbers in memory that Microsoft Windows uses to display data properly.

Sorting Data in International Applications

Discusses sort orders and presents methods for implementing and validating sort processes.

Modifying International Applications

Describes how you can prevent localization problems with code by observing certain guidelines.

Reporting Features for International Applications

Discusses features of the Visual FoxPro Report System of special interest to developers of international applications.

Related Sections

Developing International Applications

Describes planning and developing applications for international distribution.

Developing Visual FoxPro Applications

Includes conceptual information about how to develop Visual FoxPro applications, instructions for creating databases and the user interface, and other tasks needed to create Visual FoxPro applications.

Creating Applications

Discusses how to create Visual FoxPro applications, which may include one or more databases, a main program that sets up the application's system environment, and a user interface comprised of forms, toolbars, and menus.

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