Creating Databases

After you have designed your database and determined the fields you might need, you are ready to create your database.

In This Section

How to: Create Databases

Describes how to create databases.

How to: View and Set Database Properties

Describes how you can view and set properties for databases.

Working with Items in Databases

Introduces and describes how to perform tasks with items in databases, such as displaying them, arranging them, adding items, defining relationships, updating links between a database and its tables, creating rules governing adding, updating, and deleting records, and so on.

How to: Create and Manage Stored Procedures

Describes how to store code written to operate on a specific database and that can move with the database.

Working with Database Container Events

Introduces database container events that you can use to run procedure code when database events occur.


Database Wizard

Makes it possible for you to create databases using a wizard.

Database Designer (Visual FoxPro)

Makes it possible for you to create databases starting with an empty database container or modify existing databases.

Project Manager Window

Makes it possible for you to organize files in an application project.

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Designing Databases

Describes design considerations for creating well-planned databases.

Managing Databases

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Developing Databases

Introduces and describes using databases to store, organize, and work with tables and views as a collection.

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