Creating Views

You can retrieve data from local and remote data sources by creating local and remote views, respectively. Local views use Visual FoxPro SQL syntax to select information from tables or views stored locally on your computer. Remote views use the SQL syntax of the remote data source to retrieve information from tables in the data source, which is typically an ODBC data source. For local views, you can also retrieve data from Visual FoxPro and remote ODBC data sources for local views by adding remote views to local views.

In This Section

View Creation

Describes the basic process for creating views.

How to: Create Local Views

Describes how to create views from data in locally stored tables.

Accessing Remote Data Using Views

Describes the general process for accessing remote data to create remote views.

How to: Define Connections to Remote Data Sources

Describes how to define connections to remote data sources used to create remote views.

How to: Create Remote Views

Describes how to create remote views.

How to: Add Tables to Views

Describes how to access data from other tables by adding them to views.

How to: Select Fields for Views

Describes how to select fields from tables you chose for a view.

How to: Generate Results for Views

Describes how to retrieve the records as defined by the view you created.

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Managing Views

Describes tasks you can perform to manage views.

Working with Views (Visual FoxPro)

Explains how to use views to create a customized updateable data set for your application.

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