How to: Optimize View Performance

You can optimize your views by setting data fetching and performance options. Use the Advanced Options dialog box to fine tune how records are retrieved in a view or how updates are made to the server or source tables.

To set advanced options

  1. From the Query menu, choose Advanced Options.

  2. In the Advanced Options dialog box, set the connection information and data fetching options you need.

  3. Choose OK.

You can control the number of rows Visual FoxPro progressively fetches at one time from the host database with the Fetchsize view and cursor property using the DBSETPROP( ) and CURSORSETPROP( ) functions. For more information, see DBSETPROP( ) Function and CURSORSETPROP( ) Function.

You can use the delayed memo-fetching feature to speed retrieval of view data. When you choose delayed memo fetching, Visual FoxPro does not retrieve the contents of a Memo field until you choose to open and display the field. Because Visual FoxPro needs the key field and table name to locate a row on the remote data source, you must set the following properties using the DBSETPROP( ) and CURSORSETPROP( ) functions for delayed Memo fetching to work:

  • UpdateName property or UpdatableFieldList property

  • KeyField or KeyFieldList property

  • Tables property

However, you don't have to set the SendUpdates or Updatable properties to ON in order to make delayed memo fetching work.

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