How to: Build a Local Prototype of an Application

When you build a local prototype of your application, you might be starting from scratch, or you might be converting an existing Visual FoxPro application to a client/server application. The primary difference between building a local prototype of a client/server application and developing any other Visual FoxPro application is in using local views and tables to represent data that will eventually be upsized.

To build and upsize a local prototype

  1. Create your application using local views and local tables to represent data you want to move to a remote server.

  2. Use local views in your application's data environment for forms and reports.

  3. Upsize local views and tables using the SQL Server Upsizing Wizard:

    • In the Set Upsizing Options step, in the Changes to make locally area, select Redirect views to remote data.

      When you select this option, the Upsizing Wizard copies the local tables you select to the remote server, and redirects local views to use remote data where applicable.

For more information, see Working with Views (Visual FoxPro) and Creating Forms.

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