Database Creation with Upsizing Wizards

The Visual FoxPro SQL Server Upsizing Wizard creates a SQL Server database that duplicates the functionality of a Visual FoxPro database as closely as possible. You can also redirect Visual FoxPro views so that they use the newly created remote data instead of local data. You can use the Upsizing wizards to:

  • Move local data to a remote server.

  • Transform local base tables and local views into remote base tables and remote views.

  • Migrate a local application to a client/server application.


    Though the Upsizing Wizard accesses SQL Server, you can create a client/server application for any remote ODBC data source. For servers other than SQL Server, you can use SQL pass-through functions to create remote tables, then use Visual FoxPro to create remote views that access server tables. For more information on using SQL pass-through functions, see Enhancing Applications Using SQL Pass-Through Technology. For information on creating remote views, see How to: Create Remote Views.

In This Section

SQL Server Upsizing Wizard Preparation

Discusses steps you should take to prepare the client and server sides of an application before using the SQL Server Upsizing Wizard.

How to: Start the SQL Server Upsizing Wizard

Explains how to begin upsizing your application with the SQL Server Upsizing Wizard.

How the SQL Server Upsizing Wizard Works

Describes how the SQL Server Upsizing Wizard makes upsizing a Visual FoxPro database to SQL Server practically transparent.

Mapping Visual FoxPro Databases to SQL Server Databases

Describes mapping between Visual FoxPro databases and SQL Server databases.

SQL Server Upsizing Process Completion

Discusses steps you can take after using the SQL Server Upsizing wizar, to ensure your application and data are secure and functioning properly.

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