Using SQL Pass-Through Technology

Using remote views is the easiest and most common method to access and update remote data. SQL pass-through technology allows you to send SQL statements directly to the server and, because the statements execute on the server, they are a powerful way to enhance the performance of your client/server application.

The following topics provide information on how to use SQL pass-through technology in your applications.

In This Section

How to: Access Stored Procedures on Remote Servers with SQL Pass-Through Functions

Describes how to use server stored procedures. Server stored procedures can greatly enhance performance of SQL statements and batches.

How to: Use SQL Pass-Through Functions

Explains how your client/server application can access remote data with SQL pass-through. A comparison of remote views and SQL pass-through technologies is also provided.

Visual FoxPro SQL Pass-Through Functions

Provides a list of SQL Pass-Through functions.

Using Result Sets

Explains how Visual FoxPro handles result sets that are returned from SQL Pass-Through functions.

How to: Return Multiple Result Sets

Explains how to retrieve multiple result sets, such as those from a stored procedure that contains native server SELECT statements.

How to: Create a Parameterized Query

Explains how to create a parameterized query with SQL pass-through technology.

Using SQL Server Input/Output Parameters

Describes how to use input and output parameters to pass values between SQL Server and Visual FoxPro.

Execution of ODBC Extensions to SQL

Provides information on how to execute OBDC extensions to SQL.

Managing Connections with SQL Pass-Through

Describes how to manage your server connections by providing an overview of the various environment and connection properties and how to set them.

Sharing Connections for Remote Data

Describes how Visual FoxPro makes it possible for you to share a connection handle for a remote data connection, which is useful for reducing the number of connections when managing SQL Server connections and server resources.

How to: Use Automatic Transaction Mode

Describes how to set Visual FoxPro to automatically wrap every data-writing operation sent to a remote server in a transaction.

How to: Control Transactions Manually

Describes how to manually control transactions with a remote server.

Selecting the Right Methods

Describes and contrasts the best practices for use of remote views and SQL pass-through technology in your client/server application.

Related Sections

Working with Remote Data Using SQL Pass-Through

Explains how you can view and control the properties of a SQL pass-through query result set cursor using the Microsoft Visual FoxPro functions CURSORGETPROP( ) and CURSORSETPROP( ).

Working with Data

Describes how to create effective applications with indexes, tables, and databases based on your data requirements.

Handling SQL Pass-Through Errors

Explains how to retrieve information about the error to examine the error and to determine its cause.

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