Web Services and Components

To extend a basic Microsoft Visual FoxPro application, you can enable it to work for multiple users, access and distribute XML Web services, use Microsoft ActiveX controls and automation-enabled applications, and add international capabilities.

In This Section

XML Web Services in Visual FoxPro

Describes how to access and distribute XML Web services with your Visual FoxPro applications. XML Web services are classes or objects available on the Web that you can use in your applications programmatically as normal object-oriented calls.

Automation and COM Servers

Describes how to you can extend the functionality of your Visual FoxPro applications without a lot of extra coding time by using Automation and COM Servers.

Interoperability and the Internet

Explains how to use OLE drag-and-drop to develop applications that make it possible for you to move data between Microsoft Windows-based applications and within a Visual FoxPro application. Create documents for use on the Internet, or use one of two different Visual FoxPro run times to create COM components (Automation servers) as normal or multithreaded applications.


XML Data in Visual FoxPro

Describes XML Schema data types and shows how they map to Visual FoxPro data types and the reverse.

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Enhancing Applications Using SQL Pass-Through Technology

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Working with Data

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Walkthrough: Creating XML Web Services with Visual FoxPro

Provides steps for how to create and publish a Visual FoxPro COM server as an XML Web service.

XML Functionality Using XMLAdapters

Discusses the extension of Visual FoxPro's XML features and compatibility with XML DiffGram and .NET Framework ADO.NET DataSet formats and supporting hierarchically formatted XML.

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