Interoperability and the Internet

Visual FoxPro supports OLE drag-and-drop, which makes it possible for you to move data between Visual FoxPro and other applications, as well as within Visual FoxPro applications.

Visual FoxPro also makes it easy to create applications for use with the Internet and other Microsoft Windows-based applications, such as Excel and Visual Basic.

In addition, Visual FoxPro makes it easy to create Automation servers that work better with the Internet, Microsoft Transaction Server, and the Active Desktop.

In This Section

OLE Drag-and-Drop

Describes how Visual FoxPro supports OLE drag-and-drop, a powerful and useful tool, which makes it possible for you to move data between other applications that support OLE drag-and-drop (such as Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, the Microsoft Windows Explorer, Word and Excel, and so on).

Sharing Information and Adding OLE

Explains how you can use Visual FoxPro to share information with other applications.

Related Sections

Web Services and Components

Explains how you can enable a Visual FoxPro application to work for multiple users, include XML Web services, ActiveX controls, and automation-enabled applications, and add international capabilities.

XML Web Services in Visual FoxPro

Describes how to use XML Web services with your Visual FoxPro applications. XML Web services are classes or objects available on the Web that you can use in your applications programmatically as normal object-oriented calls.

Automation and COM Servers

Describes how to you can extend the functionality of your Visual FoxPro applications without a lot of extra coding time by using Automation and COM Servers.

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