How to: Run Programs

After you save a program, you can run it.

To run a standalone program

  1. On the Program menu, click Do.

  2. In the Do dialog box, browse for and select the program you want.

  3. Click Do.

To run a program from a project

  1. Open the project for your application in the Project Manager.

  2. In the Project Manager, expand the Code node, and then the Programs node.

  3. In the Programs node, select the program you want, and click Run.

To run a program programmatically

  • In the Command window, perform one of the following:

    • Use the DO command with the name of the program (.prg) file to run the program. For example:

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      DO MyProgram
    • Use the DO command with a question mark (?) to display the Do dialog box so you can browse for and select a program file. For example:

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      DO ?

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