IntelliSense Overview

At design time, IntelliSense functionality in Visual FoxPro helps you complete programming syntax while you type code by displaying Visual FoxPro language syntax information and lists of available members, property values, most recently used files, table names, field names, and variable names.

In This Section

IntelliSense Support in Visual FoxPro

Describes the level and scope of IntelliSense support in Visual FoxPro.

IntelliSense Syntax Completion

Describes how IntelliSense helps you complete Visual FoxPro programming syntax when you type code.

IntelliSense Auto MRU (Most Recently Used) Files

Describes how IntelliSense displays lists of available and most recently used (MRU) files when you type certain Visual FoxPro commands.

IntelliSense Auto Table, Field, and Variable Names

Describes how IntelliSense displays names of available tables, fields, and variables when you type certain Visual FoxPro commands.

How to: Activate or Disable IntelliSense

Describes how to turn IntelliSense off or on.

How to: View IntelliSense When Writing Code

Describes how to view IntelliSense functionality when you type code.

How to: Set IntelliSense Options

Describes how to specify settings that affect availability and appearance for IntelliSense functionality.

Customizing IntelliSense in Visual FoxPro

Describes how to customize IntelliSense functionality.

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