Customizing the Task List Manager

You can customize the view of your Task List Manager in several ways:

  • Sorting tasks   You can sort the task list by clicking on the column header of the field by which you want to sort. Clicking a column repeatedly toggles that field between ascending/descending order.

  • Filtering task types   You can filter the types of tasks you want to display in the Task List by selecting specific task types from the Show Tasks submenu of the Task List context menu. The submenu contains options to display shortcuts, user-defined and other Tasks.

  • Choose fields for viewing   You can choose which fields you want to view in the Task List by selecting the Column Chooser menu item from the Task List context menu. A Columns picker dialog box appears so you can add new fields using drag-and-drop directly to the Task List. To remove a field, right-click the column header and select the Remove This Column menu item.

  • Adding custom fields   You can add custom fields to your Task List. Custom fields are stored in a separate table from your main _FOXTASK (Foxtask.dbf) table. This custom fields table must have a UniqueID field, so it can be linked to the field in the Foxtask table. You can edit Custom fields from the Fields tab of the Task Properties dialog box.

    You can add a new or existing custom fields table in the Options dialog box. Access the Options dialog box from the Options menu item of the Task List context menu item. All custom fields appear in the Columns Chooser dialog box, so you can add them to or remove them from the Task List.

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