File Structures

This section contains technical information about file structures and file types.

In This Section

Compound Index File Structure (.cdx)

Describes how the compound file structure is different from the compact index file structure.

Compact Index File Structure (.idx)

Provides information about the compact index header record.

File Extensions and File Types

Contains lists of the extensions and their associated file types that are used with Microsoft Visual FoxPro.

FoxUser Resource File Structure

Contains a variety of resource information, including window positions, color sets, Browse window configurations, label definitions, and so on.

Index File Structure (.idx)

Describes the contents of index files, index header records, and index node records.

Macro File Format (.fky)

Provides a description of the file header and individual macros.

Memo File Structure (.FPT)

Describes the contents of the memo header record, memo block header, and memo text.

Table File Structure (.dbc, .dbf, .frx, .lbx, .mnx, .pjx, .scx, .vcx)

Provides a list of file types that are saved as tables, as well as the table header record and field subrecords structure.

Table Structures of Table Files (.dbc, .frx, .lbx, .mnx, .pjx, .scx, .vcx)

Provides information about the reports available that document table structures.

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