Language Categories

This section contains basic categories describing the functionality of Visual FoxPro.

In This Section


Links to information on how you can manipulate databases, tables, records, and fields, as well as indexes and relations.

Input and Output (Visual FoxPro)

Contains links to information about controlling input and output from your applications.


Contains links to more programming information, including array manipulation, debugging and error handling, structured programming, and so on.

Shared Access to Data

Contains commands and functions that make it possible for you to manage multiple users.

Visual FoxPro Environment

Lists commands and functions that make it possible for you to access the Visual FoxPro environment.

Related Sections

Language Reference (Visual FoxPro)

Contains a list of language reference topics in alphabetical order.

Naming Conventions

Discusses how to choose names for exposed objects, properties, and methods that can be understood easily by users of the application.

Developing Visual FoxPro Applications

Includes conceptual information about how to develop Visual FoxPro applications, instructions for creating databases and the user interface, and other tasks needed to create Visual FoxPro applications.

Programming in Visual FoxPro

Discusses how you can access the full power of Visual FoxPro by creating applications. Understanding object-oriented programming techniques and the event-driven model can maximize your programming productivity.

Visual FoxPro and Other Programming Languages

Provides a comparison between Visual FoxPro and other programming languages.

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