Opens the View Designer so you can create a SQL view.

   [CONNECTION ConnectionName [SHARE] | CONNECTION DataSourceName]
   [AS SQLSELECTStatement]



Creates a SQL view.


Specifies the name of the view to create.


Specifies to create a view using tables from a remote data source, or a remote view. Omitting REMOTE creates a view using local tables.

[CONNECTION ConnectionName[SHARE] | CONNECTION DataSourceName]

Specifies the name of a previously defined connection or an existing data source to connect with when opening the view.


When you use the CONNECTION clause and specify the name of a connection or data source, Visual FoxPro first searches the current database for a connection with the name you specified. If the specified connection cannot be found, Visual FoxPro searches for an established ODBC data source with the specified name. Therefore, if your current database contains a named connection with the same name as an ODBC data source on your system, Visual FoxPro uses the named connection.


If you use a CONNECTION clause with the CREATE SQL VIEW command, you do not need to include the REMOTE keyword. Visual FoxPro identifies the view as a remote view from the inclusion of the CONNECTION keyword.

The SHARE keyword specifies that Visual FoxPro use a new statement handle for the shared connection, if available. If a shared connection is not available, Visual FoxPro creates a shared connection when the view opens, which you might be able to share with other views.


Specifies a SQL SELECT statement for the view. SQLSELECTStatement must be a valid SQL SELECT statement and should not be enclosed in quotation marks ("").


For local views, preface the view or table name in the SQL SELECT statement with the name of the database and an exclamation point (!). By qualifying the table or view name with the database name and exclamation point, Visual FoxPro searches for the table in all open databases and in the default search path for the table. However, if you do not qualify a table with a database name in a view definition, the database must be open before you can use the view. For more information, see SELECT - SQL Command.

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