SET ANSI Command

Specifies whether to pad a shorter string with spaces when making a SQL string comparison or binary expression with zero (0) bytes when making a binary expression comparison in SQL commands using the equal sign operator (=).


In the Visual FoxPro OLE DB Provider, you cannot query the value of ANSI using the SET command though SET ANSI is supported.




Pads the shorter string or binary expression with spaces or zero (0) bytes needed, respectively, to make it equal to the length of the longer string or expression. When SET ANSI is set to ON, the two strings or expressions are compared character for character for their entire lengths.


Specifies that the shorter string not be padded with spaces or binary expression not be padded with zero (0) bytes. (Default)

When SET ANSI is set to OFF, the two strings are compared character for character until the end of the shorter string is reached.

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