ReportListener XML Foundation Class

XmlListener provides the Report Output Application's default implementation of ListenerType 4 (XML output). Its properties include numerous settings you can use to adjust the VFP Report XML Schema to tune its output for different purposes. For example, if you send your report output XML to another application, for import into a database, you may not need the output from Page Header and Page Footer bands in your report. These portions of the report render at intervals based on the physical size of the original report layout page, and may not relate directly to rows of data in the report.

VFP Report XML includes data describing the original report or label file layout information (the frx or lbx table) as well as the run-time REPORT FORM command settings, printer instructions, open tables and relationships. This section of the XML structure is known as the VFP-RDL, or Visual FoxPro Report Definition Language. The schema elements for these items are different from the elements generated for the run-time expressions, lines, and other report layout controls as the Report Engine renders each record during a REPORT FORM command.

For full information on the VFP Reporting XML Schema, see Using VFP Report Output XML.

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UtilityReportListener (ReportListener Utility and File-handling Foundation Class)

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