RefreshCmd Property

Specifies the command to use for the record Refresh performed by the RecordRefresh method. Read/write at design time and run time.

CursorAdapter.RefreshCmd[ = cCommand]



Character data type. The following table lists the possible values for cCommand.

cCommand Description

Character string or expression

Specifies a valid command string for the data source specified by the RefreshCmdDataSourceType Property and RefreshCmdDataSource Property properties.

For ADO and ODBC data sources, you can specify any command that is supported by the data source and returns exactly one record.

For a native Visual FoxPro data source, the command should be a SQL SELECT command that returns exactly one record. Fields are matched by their position in the cursor excluding fields specified in the RefreshIgnoreFieldList property.

Empty string ("")

The CursorAdapter object automatically generates a record Refresh command.

The generated command is based on the data source and the CursorAdapter Tables, KeyFieldList, UpdateNameList and RefreshIgnoreFieldList properties. If you include a command, the Tables, KeyFieldList, and UpdateNameList properties are ignored.


A command that is automatically generated does not include AUTOINC or key fields, even if they are not included in the RefreshIgnoreFieldList property.

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