UpdateNameList Property

Specifies a comma-delimited list consisting of pairs of local and full remote field names. Each pair of names consists of a local field name followed by the full remote field name. The full remote field name appears as <remote table name>.<remote field name> where <remote table name> matches the name from the Tables property. Read/write.


Setting UpdateNameList for CursorAdapter objects overrides the property setting of a cursor when attached to a CursorAdapter object. That is, changing the settings on the cursor using CURSORSETPROP() has no effect.


You must set UpdateNameList, which you can also use to specify valid Visual FoxPro names for fields in the cursor that have invalid Visual FoxPro field names.

When working with this property for regular cursors, use the CURSORSETPROP( ) and CURSORGETPROP( ) functions.

CursorAdapter.UpdateNameList [= cList]

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