SQLPREPARE( ) Function

Prepares a SQL statement for remote execution by SQLEXEC( ).

SQLPREPARE(nStatementHandle, cSQLCommand, [cCursorName])



Specifies the statement handle to the data source returned by SQLCONNECT( ).


Specifies the SQL statement passed to the data source.

The SQL statement can contain a parameterized WHERE clause, which creates a parameterized view. All parameters in the WHERE clause must be defined before SQLPREPARE( ) is issued. For example, if the parameters are variables, the variables must be created and initialized before SQLPREPARE( ) is issued. For more information about parameterized views, see How to: Create Parameterized Views.


Specifies the name of the Visual FoxPro cursor to which the result set is sent. If you don't include a cursor name, Visual FoxPro uses the default name SQLRESULT.

For multiple result sets, new cursor names are derived by appending an incremented number to the name of the first cursor.

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