Application Builder

The Application builder tabbed dialog box simplifies creating and modifying forms, complex controls, and other optional, elements of effective and satisfying applications.

To use the Application builder
  1. On the Tools menu, point to Wizards, and then click All Wizards. The Wizard Selection dialog box appears.

  2. In the Wizard Selection dialog box, choose Application Builder.

The Application builder integrates with the application framework files created by the Application Wizard so you can build a complete application without having to write code. You also can do the following:

  • Add, edit, or remove such application-specific components as tables, forms, and reports.

  • Specify visual styles for forms and reports.

  • Add common application elements including a splash screen, an About dialog box, a Favorites menu, a User Login dialog box, and a standard toolbar.

  • Specify production credits and version information for the application.

  • View table files in a database from the Data tab.

As in all Visual FoxPro builders, the Application builder is reentrant, meaning that you can close it and then reopen it to modify any settings the builder makes. You can reopen the Application builder by right-clicking the project and selecting Builder.


Additional changes made by means of the builder will not appear in the application until the application is rebuilt.

For more information, see Creating Applications with the Application Framework.

Builder Tabs


Specifies the application name and other optional features such as splash screen, startup form, and the type of application.


Specifies application production credits such as author, company, version, copyright, and trademark.


Specifies the data source and the format for forms and reports you include in your application.


Specifies menu types, the menu from which a form is called, toolbars, and whether a form can be instanced multiple times.


Specifies friendly names for reports in your application.


Specifies the Help file name and the default directory for your application. You can also specify the inclusion of a standard toolbar and a Favorites menu in your application.

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