Projects Tab, Options Dialog Box

Contains options for the Project Manager.

When you choose Set As Default — which appears on every tab in the dialog box — Visual FoxPro saves the option settings in the registry (system Windows registration database).

Project double-click action

Specifies whether Visual FoxPro runs or modifies a file when you double-click it in the Project Manager.

Run Selected File

Visual FoxPro runs the selected file when you double-click it.

Modify Selected File

Visual FoxPro opens the appropriate designer or editor when you double-click a file.

Prompt for Wizards

Specifies that Visual FoxPro prompts you to use a wizard, if applicable, when you choose New File from the Project Menu or choose New in the Project Manager.

Display user-defined container icons

Specifies that Visual FoxPro displays user-defined container icons in the Project Manager.

Source control options

Options in this box make it possible for you to specify what source control application to use, and how the source control application works when you add, modify, or remove components of your project.

Active source control provider

Specifies the name of the source control application to use. The name you specify here will apply to new projects. When you create a project, the name of the source control application in effect at the time is stored with the project so that Visual FoxPro knows what source control application to use each time the project is opened. To disable source control, choose None.

Automatically add new projects to source control

Specifies that you are prompted to put a project under source control when you create it. If you clear this option, new projects are not automatically put under source control and you must add them manually.

Check out files upon modify

Specifies that files are automatically checked out to a user who modifies them from the Project Manager. If a file is already checked out, Visual FoxPro displays an error. If you clear this option, users who attempt to modify files, which are not checked out from the Project Manager can view the files but cannot change them.


If users modify project files using commands in the Command window (such as MODIFY), they must check the files out first.

Add files to source control upon add

Specifies that files added to the project are automatically put under source control for that project. If you clear this option, files that you add become part of the project (the .pjx file), but are not put under source control. However, you can manually place project files under source control at any time.


Database (.dbc), table (.dbf), API library, and application (.app) files are not put under source control automatically when added to a project. However, you can put these files under source control manually.

Remove files from source control upon removal from project

Specifies that when you remove a file from a project, it is removed from source control as well. If you clear this option, when you remove a file from the project, the source control information for the file remains in the source control database. Doing so maintains archive information about this file, and if the file is not deleted from disk, makes it possible for you to access it using the source control system outside of Visual FoxPro.

Display dialog box for shortcut menu commands

Specifies that when you choose a source control command from the project shortcut menu, Visual FoxPro makes it possible for you to select more than one file on which to carry out the selected command. If you clear this option, the command applies only to the file selected in the project, but this can be overridden by pressing SHIFT+Right Mouse Click and choosing the command.

Text generation

Specifies the name of the application used to create a text representation of binary files (form, label, menu, report, or class library) each time the file is checked in. The resulting text file is checked in along with the table source file, and can be used to create a report of the differences between multiple versions of a file.

Project class

Displays the Project Reference dialog, making it possible for you to specify a default ProjectHook class as a template for new projects.

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