Replace Dialog Box

This dialog box makes it possible for you to search for and replace specified text in the current file. To replace within tables, click Replace Field on the Table menu. The keyboard shortcut to access this dialog box is CTRL+L.

Look For

Specifies the text string to search for.

Replace With

Specifies the replacement text.


Defines the limits and direction of the search and replace. If you specify text to search for and do not get the expected results, make sure you have the following options selected:

  • Match Case   Replaces text that exactly matches the combination of uppercase and lowercase letters you type in the Look For box.

  • Wrap Around   Searches the current file, from the insertion point to the end of the file, and then from the beginning of the file to the original insertion point.

  • Match Whole Word   Replaces distinct occurrences of words, except for embedded text.

  • Search Backward   Searches backwards from the current insertion point to the beginning of the file.

  • Use wildcards   Makes it possible for you to use wildcard characters in your search text.


Defines how extensive the search is. The Scope options are enabled when you are editing a procedure in a Code window.

  • Current Procedure   Searches only the current procedure, which is displayed in the Code window.

  • Current Object   Searches all procedures (event code) in the current (selected) object.

  • All Objects   Searches all procedures (event code) in all objects in the current form or form set.

Find Next

Finds the next occurrence of the string you typed in the Look For box. This button is not enabled until you type text in the Look For box.


Changes the selected text to the text in the Replace With box. If you want to leave the selected text unchanged and move to the next occurrence, click Find Next.

Replace All

Finds and replaces all instances of the text in the Find What box with the text in the Replace With box. You can undo the replacements by choosing the Undo command.

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