Band Tab, Report Band Properties Dialog Box (Report Builder)

Makes it possible for you to set options for a Detail band in the Report Designer or Label Designer.


This tab replaces the functionality of the native Visual FoxPro Report Band Properties Dialog Box when the Report Builder is active.

Detail properties

Specifies options for the Detail band or Detail band set. A Detail band set includes its associated header and footer bands, if they have been specified.


The options listed above Target alias expression in the following group do not apply unless you specify at least one of the detail band conditions new in Visual FoxPro 9: the band set must include a header and footer, or it must have an assigned target alias, or there must be more than one detail band in the report. If none of these conditions exist, the report runs in backward compatibility mode and these options, which in previous versions applied only to group bands, are not evaluated for the report's detail band.

Start on new column

Starts a new column when the Detail band set changes. Selecting this check box makes it possible for you to create side-by-side Detail bands. Available only when the page layout contains more than one column.


Column breaks occur before the Detail Header band, if any exist.

Start on new page

Starts a new page when the Detail band set changes.


Page breaks occur before the Detail Header band, if any exist.

Reset page number to 1 for each detail set

Starts a new page and restarts page numbering every time the detail band set changes.

Associated header and footer bands

Specifies that separate Detail Header and Detail Footer bands exist for the detail band, comprising a detail band set.

Reprint detail header on each page

Specifies that the Detail Header follow the page header on all pages for the Detail band when the Detail band spans more than one page.

Start detail set on new page when less than

Sets the minimum distance from the page bottom that must be available to prevent a Detail band set from being forced to render on a new page.

Target alias expression

Specifies a target alias expression for the Detail band. To build an expression, click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Expression Builder. For more information, see Expression Builder Dialog Box.


Remember to enclose a simple table name or cursor alias in quotation marks ("") to ensure the expression evaluates correctly. Values without quotation marks will be interpreted as a variable or field containing the alias value.

Refer to How to: Specify Target Aliases for Detail Bands and Working with Related Tables using Multiple Detail Bands in Reports for more information.

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