How to: Check Out Files

When you're working in a source-controlled project, Visual FoxPro can prompt you to check files out when you modify them by opening the appropriate editor. For example, if you select a form and choose Modify to open the Form Designer, Visual FoxPro can first prompt you to check out the files for the form. (If you don't check out the files, the form is displayed in the Form Designer, but is read-only.)

However, you can also check out files manually, which is useful if you want exclusive access to the file, but don't want to open the editor for the file just at the moment. You might do this, for example, if you intend to work with a file offsite.

To specify Visual FoxPro to prompt you to check out files being modified

  • In the Projects tab of the Options dialog box, make sure the option Check out files upon modify is checked, then choose OK.

    To make this setting the default, choose Set as Default, and then choose OK.

To check out a file manually

  1. In the Project Manager, select the file to work with.

  2. From the Project menu, choose Source Control, and then choose Check Out.

  3. In the Check Out Files Dialog Box, select the file or files you want to work with, and then click OK.

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