How to: Check In Files

You must always check in files manually. Visual FoxPro doesn't automatically check in a file; for example, it doesn't check in a form when you close the Form Designer. Instead, it leaves the file checked out so you can continue to edit it, take it offsite, or work with it in some other fashion.

The exact result of the check-in process depends on the file you're checking in and on your source control software. For forms, menus, labels, class libraries, and other types of files, the file is treated as a binary file, and the source control software makes your new version of the file into the current one for other developers to check out.


Always remember to check in files when you're done editing them. If you keep them checked out for long periods, you might prevent other developers from working with them, and you'll prevent the latest version of the file from being backed up during the course of your network backup.

To check in a file

  1. In the Project Manager, select the file to work with.

  2. From the Project menu, choose Source Control, and then choose Check In.

  3. Enter a comment describing the changes you've made.

  4. In the Check In Files Dialog Box, select the file, and then click OK.

For more information about checking in files, see Working with Multi-File Components.

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