Manipulating Objects

You can manipulate and work with objects on a form at design time.

The following list describes some of the tasks you can perform with objects on the form:

  • Set the size and position of objects in the Form Designer by expanding, shrinking, or dragging them.

  • Align controls by choosing options on the Format menu or using the alignment tools on the Layout toolbar. For more information about the Layout toolbar, see Aligning Controls in Forms.

  • Set colors using the Palette toolbar. For more information about using the Palette toolbar, see Customizing Forms.

  • View object property settings, display inherited code for objects, events, and methods, set values for properties, and restrict your view to only modified properties using the Properties window.

The Properties window is the primary location for controlling all objects on the form. The Properties window displays the properties, events, and methods and their settings for a selected form, data environment, cursor, relation, or control. For more information about the Properties window, see Properties Window (Visual FoxPro).

In This Section

How to: View Properties for Objects

Discusses how to view an object's properties, methods, and events in the Properties window.

How to: Set Properties for Objects

Describes how to set or edit the value of an object's property at design time or programmatically.

How to: Display Inherited Code for Objects, Events, and Methods

Explains how to display code inherited from parent classes for objects, events, and methods.

How to: Show Properties with Modified Settings

Explains how to display only those properties with modified settings in the Properties window.

Example of Manipulating Objects

Contains an example with two forms in a formSet. The example illustrates how to set properties and call event code from a number of objects inside a formset.

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