Customizing Forms

You can add enhancements to your forms to make them more interesting visually and easier to use. For example, you might want to group similar controls together visually by drawing a box around them, or use images to give the forms a more professional appearance.

Using the Form Designer, you can customize your forms by:

  • Changing text fonts and sizes.

  • Adding shapes and lines to a form.

  • Adding graphics to a form.

  • Setting the foreground and background colors of a form.

In This Section

How to: Change Text Properties

Describes how to change the text in a forms.

How to: Add Shapes and Lines to Forms

Describes how to place lines and shapes objects on a form.

How to: Add Graphics to Forms

Explains how to use the Image control to add graphics to a form.

How to: Set Form Colors

Describes how to control a forms color by using the forms ColorSource property.

How to: Assign an Icon to a Form

Describes how to assign an icon to a form.

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