How to: Specify a Report's Data Session

You can specify that the data session for the report is private to prevent changes to the global data session from affecting the data session for your report. Other designers or application code can affect the global data session, and these changes would otherwise affect the data available for your report. For example, external code could SET DELETED ON when your report expected the setting to be OFF, or it could close tables your report expected to be open.

To set a private data session

  1. Open the report or label in the appropriate designer.

  2. On the Report menu, click Private Data Session.

You can also set the data session as private for the report or label by clicking Properties on the Report menu. When the Report Properties dialog box opens, click the Data Environment tab if it is not selected.


If the _REPORTBUILDER system variable is not set to the default Report Builder or is set to a third-party builder, the Report Page Setup dialog box displays or a different dialog box might display. For more information, see _REPORTBUILDER System Variable and Report Page Setup Dialog Box.

For more information, see Data Environment Tab, Report Properties Dialog Box (Report Builder).

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