How to: Delete Tables

You can remove tables or delete them permanently from disk when you no longer need them. For information about removing and deleting database tables, see How to: Remove a Table from a Database.


If you delete a table that has files associated with it, such as a memo file (.fpt) or index files (.cdx or .idx), make sure to delete those files.

To remove or delete a free table

  1. Open the project in the Project Manager.

  2. In the Project Manager, expand the Data node, then the Free Tables node.

  3. In the Free Tables node, click the table you want, and then Remove.

    A confirmation dialog displays so you can choose to remove or delete the table.

  4. In the confirmation dialog box, choose one of the following

    • To remove the table from the project, click Remove.


    • To delete the table permanently from disk, click Delete.

For more information, see Project Manager Window.

To delete a free table programmatically

  1. Close the table with the CLOSE command and the TABLES keyword.

  2. Delete the file by using the DELETE FILE command or the ERASE command.

For more information, see DELETE FILE Command and ERASE Command.

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