How to: Import Data into New Tables

You can import data from a table or spreadsheet format using the source file's structure to define the new table.

To import data to a new table

  1. From the File menu, choose Import.

  2. In the Type box, enter the format of the file you want to import.

  3. In the From box, enter the name of the source file.

  4. If you selected a spreadsheet in the Type box, enter the sheet number in the Sheet box that appears.

  5. Choose OK.

    Visual FoxPro creates a new table using the source file.

If you want to import to a new table from a text file without using the Import Wizard, you need to create a new table with fields that match the order, data type, and width of the fields in the text file and then append the text to the new table.

After importing the file, you can add the new table to the database of your choice. You can also modify the new table using the Table Designer.

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