Testing and Rebuilding COM Servers for XML Web Services

When rebuilding your COM Server, you can generate XML Web service support files automatically by creating a project hook for the COM Server project that calls the XML Web service engine to rebuild the XML Web service support files. You can select this option in the Advanced dialog box of the Visual FoxPro XML Web Services Publisher dialog box. The project hook (WSHOOK) is stored in the XML Web services foundation class library, _WS3Utils.vcx, located in the Visual FoxPro ..\Ffc folder. For more information, see XML Web Services Foundation Classes.

When you are working with and testing your XML Web service, it is likely that IIS caches your COM Server for performance reasons. To rebuild your COM Server, you might need to first end the process that has the COM Server in use, for example, the IIS Out-Of-Process Pooled Applications COM+ application; otherwise, a denial of access message is generated during the project build process. This process can be a cumbersome if you must test and rebuild the COM Server frequently. The project hook in the XML Web service foundation class library, _WS3Utils.vcx, can close this process for you.


You might need to change the default setting in the project hook so that the application ends, depending on which OS platform and version of IIS you are running.

For more information, see XML Web Services Foundation Classes.

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