Deploying XML Web Services

When deploying Visual FoxPro applications that use XML Web services, you must include the redistributable components from the SOAP Toolkit. If your application accesses only existing XML Web services, you must include only the SOAP Client merge module.

For applications that publish XML Web services, you must include the client-side and server merge modules from the SOAP Toolkit. In addition, you must include the specific server support files, for example, ASP listener and WSDL files. You should also consider using the XML Web services foundation class files, _WS3Utils.vcx and _WS3Client.vcx, to automate this process when running the deployed application for the first time.

If you automate the XML Web service publishing process, you can create a virtual directory and generate support files on the fly. However, it is recommended that you perform extensive Setup testing if you choose this approach for deployment.

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