Distributing Applications

After you develop and test your application, you can prepare to distribute it by including all required files and creating distribution disks.

In This Section

Application Distribution Process

Describes an overview of the steps needed to distribute your application.

Preparation for Distributing Applications

Describes considerations you need to consider when preparing your application for distribution and the run-time environment, such as choosing the type of build, testing minimum operating environment requirements, ensuring correct run-time behavior, and including Visual FoxPro system menu options.

Resource Files in Applications

Describes resource files that you can include in your application to extend its functionality, such as FoxUser.dbf, external library files, ActiveX controls and COM components, configuration and help files, and so on.

Distributable and Restricted Visual FoxPro Features and Files

Describes restricted Visual FoxPro features and files you must remove from your application as well as those files you can distribute with your application.

How to: Include Files with Applications for Distribution

Describes how you to add or include files that you want to distribute with your application.

Related Sections

Developing Visual FoxPro Applications

Includes conceptual information about how to develop Visual FoxPro applications, instructions for creating databases and the user interface, and other tasks needed to create Visual FoxPro applications.

Working with Projects

Defines a project a configuration and a group of files that produce a program or final binary file or files.

Compiling an Application

Describes how to use the modular approach to make it possible for you to verify the functionality of each component you create. Then you can compile them into an application, which assembles the executable components of your project.

Testing and Debugging Applications

Discusses testing for errors within and across components when you develop an application. Visual FoxPro provides debugging tools to help you find and correct any errors you discover in your applications.

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