Resource Files in Applications

Visual FoxPro provides several resource files that extend the basic functionality of your applications, including FoxUser resource files, API libraries, and ActiveX controls. If you use these files, you must include them in your project or distribution tree.

The following table lists some of the files you can include in your application by adding them to your project. For more information about including files in your application for distribution, see How to: Include Files with Applications for Distribution.

If you are Add these files to your project

Applying a custom configuration to your application


Applying custom settings to your application

FoxUser.dbf and FoxUser.fpt

For details about how to include files in your setup program, see the help associated with the setup creation program you are using. The setup creation program you use must create MSI setup packages using Windows Installer technology.

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Expand imageExternal Library Files

Expand imageActiveX Controls and COM Components

Expand imageConfiguration Files

Expand imageLocale-Specific Resource Files

Expand imageNote   You cannot distribute Winhelp.exe or the Help files shipped with Visual FoxPro.

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