How to: Include Files with Applications for Distribution

You can freely reproduce and distribute some Visual FoxPro files, graphics, and programs with the applications you create; however, you must remove restricted files from your application. For more information, see Distributable and Restricted Visual FoxPro Features and Files.

Before you build your application, make sure that your project includes the necessary files for your application as well as any additional resource files, such as graphics files or templates.

To add files to your application

  1. Include the files in your project.

    If you do not want to change these files in the distributed application, place the files in your project and mark them as included. The files are then read-only and cannot be modified.


  2. Add the files to your application directory to make them easily accessible to your setup creation program.

    If you want to modify them, place the files in your project and mark them as excluded. Then distribute them with your application as separate files.

For more information about creating a project, and including or excluding files in a project, see Compiling an Application.

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