FoxTable Structure

The FoxTable structure is a linked list that keeps track of all the FoxInfo structures you have for a given library.

The following code illustrates the syntax for the FoxTable structure:

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FoxTable _FoxTable = {nextLibrary, infoCount,infoPtr};

The following table describes the parameters in this structure.

Parameter Description


Specifies a pointer used internally by Visual FoxPro and should be initialized to 0.


Specifies the number of Visual FoxPro external routines defined in this library.


Specifies the address of the first element of an array of FoxInfo structures. This name must match the array name listed in the FoxInfo statement.

The following example illustrates a FoxTable statement. If your FoxInfo array name is myFoxInfo, you'll never need to change this statement:

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FoxTable _FoxTable = {
   (FoxTable  *) 0,
   sizeof( myFoxInfo) / sizeof( FoxInfo ),

Visual FoxPro captures General Protection Faults (GPFs) in ActiveX controls placed on a form, or COM objects instantiated from within Visual FoxPro. A GPF in an ActiveX control or COM object is now treated as a trappable Visual FoxPro error (Error 1440 - OLE object might be corrupt).

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