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When you open the Component Gallery, the left, Catalog, pane displays the default catalog shipped with the Component Gallery. A catalog is a visual representation of items that belong to a Visual FoxPro or user-defined group of items. Within a catalog you can create folders to further organize subgroups of items. Items can be forms, queries, programs, templates, art files, sound files, or other objects. The Visual FoxPro Component Gallery default catalog includes items grouped into several categories, including forms, controls, and others. The default catalog also includes an empty folder named Favorites that you can use to create or copy gallery items into. You can also copy and rename the default catalog, or create your own catalogs.

Component Gallery catalog options are set for catalog content and opening behavior. Global catalogs can contain any Component Gallery item type. Default catalogs open automatically when you start the Component Gallery. For details, see the Catalogs tab of the Component Gallery Options dialog box in Help.

The Component Gallery includes the following catalogs.

Catalog Description


Contains components used by other catalogs in the gallery. Contains all the catalogs shipped with Visual FoxPro. Default and Global catalog.

Visual FoxPro

Contains the Visual FoxPro Foundation classes. Default catalog.


An empty folder. Global catalog

My Base Classes

Contains subclassed Visual FoxPro base classes. Default catalog


A dynamic catalog containing either a list of all registered ActiveX Controls or a list of all Visual FoxPro ActiveX Controls. Default catalog.

World Wide Web

A collection of Web site URLs


A variety of images, sounds, and video items you can use in your applications


References to the Solutions, ActiveX Servers and Client/Server samples

When you click a catalog in the list view, the right, Object, pane, displays the contents of that catalog. You can open other catalogs by double-clicking the catalog in either panel. Several Catalogs are included in the Gallery folder.

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