How to: Trim and Concatenate Fields

In the Expression Builder, you can trim and concatenate multiple fields with values that vary into a single field expression using the ALLTRIM( ) function.

To concatenate fields

  1. When available, click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Expression Builder.

  2. In the String box of builder, select ALLTRIM(expC).

    The string function appears in the main expression box with expC selected.

  3. In the Fields list, double-click the first field you want to appear in the control.

    The field name replaces the expC.

  4. Type a plus sign (+) following the field name, or in the String box, select the plus sign.

  5. Type a comma (,) following the plus sign, or in the String box, select "text" and then type a comma.

  6. To complete the expression with any additional fields, repeat steps 2 through 5, and then click OK to return to the location from which you opened the Expression Builder.

For more information, see Expression Builder Dialog Box.

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