Saves a set of keyboard macros to a keyboard macro file or to a memo field.

SAVE MACROS TO FileName | TO MEMO MemoFieldName


TO FileName

Specifies the file to which the macros are saved. Keyboard macro file names can contain a maximum of eight characters and must begin with a letter or an underscore; they cannot begin with a number. The subsequent characters can be any combination of letters, numbers, and underscores. The file is assigned an .fky extension. If you assign an extension other than .fky, you must include that extension in RESTORE MACROS.

TO MEMO MemoFieldName

Specifies the memo field to which the macros are saved. The table containing the memo field must be open; however, it does not have to be in the selected work area. To save macros to a table in another work area, include the table's alias when specifying the memo field.

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