Displays one or more user-defined windows or Visual FoxPro system windows without activating them.

SHOW WINDOW WindowName1 [, WindowName2 ...] | ALL | SCREEN
   [IN [WINDOW] WindowName3   [REFRESH]   [TOP | BOTTOM | SAME]   [SAVE]


WindowName1 [, WindowName2...]

Specifies the name of one or more windows to display.


Displays all user-defined windows.


Displays the main Visual FoxPro window when it is hidden. You can also choose Screen from the Window menu to display the main Visual FoxPro window. You can hide the main Visual FoxPro window by clicking its close box or issuing DEACTIVATE WINDOW SCREEN, HIDE WINDOW SCREEN, or  RELEASE WINDOW SCREEN.

IN [WINDOW] WindowName3

Displays the window inside a parent window specified with WindowName3. The window does not assume the characteristics of the parent window. A window displayed inside a parent window cannot be moved outside the parent window. If the parent window is moved, the child window moves with it.

The parent window specified with WindowName3 must first be created with DEFINE WINDOW.


Explicitly displays the window in the main Visual FoxPro window instead of in another window. Windows are placed in the main Visual FoxPro window by default.


Redraws a Browse window. This option is useful on a network to ensure that you are browsing the most current version of a table. The work area for the Browse window table is selected.

Memo-editing windows are refreshed with changes made to the memo field by other users on a network. SET REFRESH determines the interval between memo-editing-window refreshes. Refer to SET REFRESH for additional information on how data is refreshed in tables opened for shared use on a network.


Places the specified window in front of all other windows.


Places the specified window behind all other windows.


Places the specified window back into a stack of windows in the same position the window occupied before it was deactivated. SAME affects only windows that have been previously displayed or activated and then cleared from the main Visual FoxPro window with DEACTIVATE WINDOW.


Keeps an image of the window in the main Visual FoxPro window or in another window after the window is released. Normally, windows are removed from the main Visual FoxPro window after they are released. The window image can be cleared from the main Visual FoxPro window or a window with CLEAR.

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