LTRIM( ) Function

Removes all leading spaces or parsing characters from the specified character expression, or all leading zero (0) bytes from the specified binary expression.

LTRIM(Expression [, nFlags] [, cParseChar [, cParseChar2 [, ...]]])



Specifies an expression of Character or Varbinary type to remove leading spaces or 0 bytes from, respectively.


Specifies if trimming is case-sensitive when one or more parse characters (cParseChar, cParseChar2, … are included. Trimming is case-sensitive if nFlags is zero or is omitted. Trimming is case-insensitive if nFlags 1.

cParseChar [, cParseChar2 [, ...]]

Specifies one or more character strings that are trimmed from the beginning of cExpression. If cParseChar isn't included, then leading spaces or 0 bytes are removed from Expression.

Note   The maximum number of strings permitted in cParseChar is 23.

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